Edinburgh Fringe 2012: close enough to smell

The calm before the storm – Edinburgh Fringe 2012

I write this, with my bag mostly packed and my train ticket for Edinburgh stating tomorrow as the departure date.

For those of you too lazy to make the correlation, this means that I am heading up to Scotland to partake in the Edinburgh Fringe.

I had my final preview on Monday in Walthamstow. Because I have had various other previews to organise and various other stuff going on, I didn’t have time to promote it properly. And as I always say, if you don’t promote a night properly then you have no right to complain when there isn’t much of an audience. We had five people, which is the Edinburgh average and they were a highly receptive five people, putting much larger crowds to shame.

As Langton is already up in the Scottish capital, I used it to preview the show I am doing with Gwilum Argos in the final week of the festival.

There was another show on previewing too, but we suspected that the audience would not return in their entirety if we called an interval, so both shows compressed slightly and we ran them straight through.

It was an enjoyable gig; my set went fairly well, although I am concerned by the finale still not being finished. Maybe performing it in front of a load of drunk people at 11pm is the missing ingredient.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with the brutal mistress that is the Edinburgh Fringe. Our show starts on Saturday. There will be fun and there will undoubtedlybe pain. You will be able to read about my experiences here. I know it’s the pain and suffering you want to read about, you sick people.

To help with the inevitable lows, I have these bad boys to turn to:




I hope I won’t be needing them all.

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