Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 8

I have found my first audience review on the official Fringe site and I get the impression that Megan didn’t enjoy the show very much.

“This is a tedious hour peppered with weak jokes that are delivered charmlessly. If, like me, you come because you’re a pub quiz lover, then it fails to deliver (although it manages to retain the worst part, i.e. the waiting around while scores are added up). There are a few potentially interesting facts but not enough, and the quiz element itself has answers that are for laughs rather than knowledge. That would be acceptable if they were funny, but when we’re at the Bruce-Forsyth-is-old level, it’s clear this format isn’t going anywhere.”

I appreciate you taking the time to write your critique Megan, but I refer to Bruce as being biologically immortal. It’s totally different. I’ve been doing comedy long enough to know that not everyone is going to like what I do. But I’ll happily take one snotty review from a punter in return for eight full-houses in shows that have mostly been well-received, plus a potential corporate booking.

From eight shows so far, two have been flat and I’m guessing Megan was at one of those. Sometimes things just don’t work. The feedback I’ve had from many other punters has been overwhelmingly positive so far and it’s always nice to hear people talking amongst themselves afterwards saying how much they enjoyed it, as well as bumping into people around the Fringe who’ve been to see the show and stopped to talk to me about it.

Yesterday’s show was the first one to have no-one standing at the back, but all the seats were full. Maybe they’re starting to believe Megan’s hype, so I am at least grateful to her for possibly giving me less admin.

I also needed a quieter show after my adventures on Saturday night. It was more laidback and I did a lot more freewheeling than I have done previously this year, finding a couple of new lines that work in the process. Nevertheless, the show went very well and the audience were ideal. They were both receptive to the jokes and keen to get involved.

I have two days left of working remotely, before I am officially on holiday and can focus all my efforts on my show.

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