Out of town

It’s always good to gig out of London and last night I did just that in Leamington Spa.

It was a gig I did almost exactly four years ago, when I was gigging sporadically and making little progress. It was fun then, so I was looking forward to going back.

And last night it was also a fun gig, but a bit smaller and a little weirder. There were 12 people in the audience – which is about four times as big as most audiences are at gigs I do in London these days. The audience is usually made up of friendly students, but unfortunately last night fell on the same night as a huge pub golf crawl. So there were a lot of students who did come along, but they were dressed in golfing gear and were talking quite loudly at the bar. But after a while you come to expect things like this happening in comedy and I’m always grateful for anywhere that will put me on.

Luckily I was on before the pub crawl arrived, so there may not have been a consistently audible level of laughter throughout my set, but I was fortunate enough to not have to battle against the back-drop of talking. My set went okay-ish, it was quite enjoyable – at least for me – and a new line I tried out got a better reaction that I expected, which was nice.

Following the gig and after being dropped off back in London, I found myself boarding a night-bus at quarter to one in the morning on a school night for the second time in a week. At least this time I expected it, but it still meant I only had four hours sleep again. I didn’t feel too bad today at work, having my hearing fully functional made a big difference, unlike last week’s rock gig ears. Comedy ears are much better.

In ankle news, the ankle I broke three years ago is now hurting for no apparent reason. I’ve told it to stop, but it just won’t listen; mainly because ankle ears don’t exist. Prove me wrong, science.

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