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Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Day 14

Without wanting to predict too much what Edinburgh will throw at us, I had a feeling that last night’s show would be a quiet one after a lot of apathy while flyering.

Consequently, no-one I flyered yesterday actually came to the show. And at 11pm, when we were due to start, we had no audience.

Instead, we could do nothing but wait and thankfully, a few minutes later a few people filtered in who were in the pub anyway, as well as two Swedish girls who had been flyered the previous day. We had seven people, which equals our lowest audience but is still one or two people above the average Fringe attendance for a free show.

And they were an excellent audience as well; very friendly and audible in their laughter.  Paul had probably his second best gig of the run, and I am particularly pleased with this because he doesn’t tend to do well in front of small crowds. I had a good gig too.

We made just over a tenner in the bucket, which indicates that it was a good show, on the basis of £1 per person.

We may not have had masses of audience, but I am proud that so far we have managed to perform every day without pulling a show. But next week, I start my second show with Gwilum. The venue is slightly out of the way and I gather that it has been struggle for many other acts to get an audience in who are out there, but that is the challenge we have to deal with.

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