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Archive for June 21st, 2012


Goodbye, Pembroke Road

At last night’s gig, I experienced a noticeable contrast between a tried-and-test routine of mine and a new routine that is still in its foetal stages.

There were about 12 people in attendance, which is a very good turn-out for an open mic night anyway; the fact that it is June and during an international football tournament made it even better.

My honed stuff went down very, but there was a change in audience reaction when I started the new stuff. It was okay, certainly an improvement on Monday’s reaction, but I want it to be better than okay.

The scans of the foetal material are encouraging, but more time is necessary for it to develop. But with Edinburgh fast-approaching, time is not something I have much of. So I will be doing the equivalent of pumping it full of growth hormones, by gigging as much as I can and rewriting. And I will do my best to keep the corresponding Vera Drake and her kettle away, which in this case is my self-doubt. Then, hopefully my freakish creation will be ready for public consumption; unlike this hideous and unnecessary metaphor.

But nevertheless, it was a good gig.

Back in the real world, I’m sure you’ve been reading this up to now and thinking ‘what is the relevance of all this to the title of this entry?‘. Well, it has none whatsoever to do with it. But I will talk about the title now.

Because Pembroke Road is where I live (take note, stalker/s) and have been since November 2010. But my time here is at an end at the weekend, because I am moving house (you’ll have to find my new address stalker/s). I’ll still be living in Walthamtow (I thought I’d help you a bit), but will be living in a different area. It is all quite exciting as my new bedroom has a desk, meaning I won’t have to awkwardly write at either the kitchen table or the one in the living room.

I was in limbo for a while with work, Edinburgh and my house contract running out. I had contemplated the rebellious decision of moving back home with my parents for a short while; but this has now been averted and my rock n roll lifestyle can continue, sitting at a desk.