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Archive for June 29th, 2012


Thursday is the new Tuesday for one night only

In the first time in nearly three years of the gig running, Ruby Tuesdays, the gig I semi-co-run, took place on a Thursday.

We had to move the night because of the football being shown. It didn’t really change the format of the night drastically, if anything we had about 20 people in, which is quite a bit above our average of 12-ish. And when that’s against a semi-final of a major football tournament being shown downstairs and on a hot-day, it makes it feel more of an achievement. I’m just choosing to ignore the fact that at last 75% of the audience had come to support a friend who was on.

You can tell how new an act is by how many friends come to see them. If they are very new, they generally bring lots of friends. If they have been going a while, the friends don’t tend to come along so much.

It was a decent night. I’d describe my set as okay. I got a reasonable amount of laughs, withe definite room for improvement. I was honing the remaining five minutes of my Edinburgh set, which kind of works, but not enough to rest easy on it. Tonight, I am doing another gig in an effort to get this material into shape.

In non-comedy news, I have a mouth full of ulcers. I should add that it is my own mouth, I haven’t just found a detached one lying around and chosen to carry it around with me. There must be about six of seven of the blighters around my mouth and I do not know why exactly they have all chosen to come at once, perhaps it was part of an offer on ulcer Groupon.

Oh, and I have also moved house now and am writing this entry from my much-needed desk in my new room.  I wrote the last entry from this desk too, but neglected to mention the move. I’m afraid you’ll just have to deal with that.